Your babies first year

Your babies first year will go by so fast it’s kind of scary…. time moves so much faster as we get older I think! They will change and grow everyday right before your eyes and you wont notice just how much they have changed until you look back at photos.

All babies develop at different times but they will change more in their first year then ever again in their lives!

Don’t forget to take photos of important steps along the way. Once you have captured it you will have a lasting memory of it. Don’t underestimate what joy seeing your baby sitting up by themselves will bring, their little faces so pleased with themselves. Its these moments you will want to remember. Their little squishy rolls when they sit up as these will soon be gone once they are up and walking.

Capture smiles, yawns (I love capturing a new-born yawn like its all too much!) silly faces you will look back and remember just how cute they were at that age even if you remember it wasn’t the look you were after!

I love photographing newborns as this is an incredibly special time, I love to get close ups showing their tiny details, their hands and dinky feet. Its lovely too to have older new-borns in the studio. From eight weeks I can get them to smile, they follow me with great eye contact, they are happy to be laid on my beanbag and babble away to themselves.

The next best age to have profession photos is when your baby is sitting up by themselves unaided. This is when your baby will show me their little personality, smiles, little giggles, cheeky faces. Babies that are sitting can also be photographed laying on their tummies and their back playing with their toes.

Then before you know it their first birthday is approaching fast! Now I know this is a very special time in your babies life as they are going to be “ONE” but lets face it this is a celebration for us too knowing we made it through the first year and everyone is ok! To celebrate arrange a party, take them to the zoo. Consider a cake smash this is a lovely way to mark their first birthday, who wouldn’t love a cake all to themselves! This is a very natural photo shoot of you baby doing what babies do best making lots of mess and you don’t even have to tidy up!

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