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Document every step of your pregnancy....

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First experiences

Including your first scan 

Special dates to remember

Appointment dates and medication 

Trimester details

Baby shower guest list

Hospital packing list

Delivery information

Pregnancy notes

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Hi, I’m Mel an easy going photographer based in Braintree. I have strange sense of humour and love anything ridiculous. 

Sitting on the sofa watching a Marvel film with my kids, with my little fur baby on my lap is my idea of heaven.

Walking in the local park with my boy (my little Dachshund call Dexter) while the kids play football is somewhere else I can be found a lot.

About Me

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My superpower is making people feel relaxed, I’d be a gold at the Olympics for talking. This comes in very handy being a photographer as relaxed clients equals better more relaxed photos

It’s great to remember every little detail so I put this helpful pregnancy journal together, don’t forget if you would like to look back and remember how beautiful you looked to book in for a Maternity session with me.