Your babies first year

Your babies first year will go by so fast it’s kind of scary…. time moves so much faster as we get older I think! They will change and grow everyday right before your eyes and you wont notice just how much they have changed until you look back at photos. All babies develop at different […]

Booking a Newborn Photo Shoot

This is probably not the first thing you will think of, but believe me it is not something you will regret. Your tiny Newborn baby will change more in their first year then ever again in their life. Once you have their tiny details captured you will have them forever. This is probably not the […]

Bloody lockdown made me miss my babies first photos!

This is not actually true there is no reason you need to miss these special first photos. When the first national lockdown started on 23rd March, I had a diary filled with new parents expecting their tiny babies imminently. Some of my clients were happy to have their newborn photo shoot even though their baby […]

5 Reasons my style of newborn photography suits older newborn babies

Relaxed Not posed Simply Studio set-up Beautiful props My relaxed style of photography is suitable for both tiny new babies and older newborns (around 10-14 weeks). I’ve found a relaxed approach helps keep baby calm and puts new parents at ease in my studio. Not only is my approach to newborn photography relaxed, but my […]